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Anne de Bretagne ** Michelin

Distinguished gastronomic restaurant with 2 stars in the Michelin Guide. The Chef Mathieu Guibert offers a subtle cuisine that gives pride of place to iodine flavours and the rich soil of the Pays de Retz.

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Tel - 02 40 21 54 72

Address - Port de la Gravette - 163 Boulevard de la Tara - 44770 La Plaine sur Mer

The Castle of the Turrets

When you sit down at the restaurant of the Château des Tourelles, all your senses are awakened, whether you are enjoying a delicate dinner, a gourmet lunch, a seafood platter or our famous brunch...

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Tel - 02 40 60 80 80

Address - 1 Avenue Léon Dubas "Pointe du Bec" - 44380 PORNICHET


Friends of opulence, welcome to a lively place with a cosy and warm atmosphere, a real den for those who want to do themselves good, where a pack of character welcomes you with a smile and the undisguised pleasure of pleasing you by offering generous and gourmet dishes filled with fresh products.

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Tel - 02 40 61 61 61

Address - 8 Place de Kerhillier 44350 Guérande

Restaurant Casino de Pornichet

In addition to the gaming part, the Pornichet casino is also a popular restaurant

Come and enjoy the panoramic sea view, the elegant decoration and the friendly atmosphere.
Attractively priced menu. Buffet of starters and desserts. Every Saturday evening, dinner concerts. Atmosphere guaranteed!

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Tel - 02 40 61 05 48

Address - 93 Bld des Océanides 44380 Pornichet

The Blue Ribbon

Our menu reflects the Vendée origins of our chef and his love of ocean products: scallop ravioli, salmon steak, roasted sea bream fillet, fans of quality iodine cuisine will be delighted!

It is the restaurant of the hotel Le Majestic.

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Tel - 02 40 60 24 86

Address - 2 Avenue de La Noue La Baule - 44500 La Baule

The golden sail

Superb terrace facing the bay of La Baule. In the sun on the sofas, in the shade of the umbrellas or under the pergola, happiness is the order of the day on the terrace of La Voile d'Or...

La voile d'Or offers a cuisine full of surprises thanks to the marriage of flavors and colors.

Very nice welcome.

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Tel - 02 40 42 31 68

Address - 14 Rue de la Plage - 44770 Le Pouliguen

The Ocean

Gastronomic restaurant with an exceptional sea view ... Its panoramic glass roof facing the waves and its gastronomic table are a real ode to the sea!

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Tel - 02 40 21 54 72

Address - Place de PORT-LIN - 44490 Le Croisic

Restaurant of the hotel La Villa Bettina

In a friendly and warm atmosphere, the chef Emmanuel will regale all your desires of the moment. The good and beautiful products of the sea will be sublimated by the chef in your plates. You will have the chance to taste various seafood and fresh fish, but also meat and vegetables full of sunshine, in dishes full of flavor. 

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Tel -02 40 60 23 93

Address -5 Avenue Bettine 44500 La Baule

The M

Le M and its team open the doors of a unique upscale place, and welcome you to enjoy a refined seasonal cuisine.

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Tel - 02 40 23 14 14

Address - 22/24 Place du Maréchal Leclerc - 44500 La Baule

Bistrot l'Agapé

Our kitchen is composed of fresh products elaborated by the chef Sébastien.

Our menu is short and evolves with the seasons.

We are located 50 meters from the St Michel gate at the foot of the ramparts of Guerande.



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Tel - 02 40 11 78 78

Address - 11 rue du faubourg St Michel 44350 Guérande

The Head of Art

The restaurant La Tête de l'art is located at the entrance of Guérande, in the unique setting of the Porte Calon manor.

Concerned about working in short circuit, we prefer local producers.

Our creative cuisine combines freshness and respect for the seasons, in order to regularly renew our menu.

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Tel - 02 40 88 53 40

4, Place Maupertuis - 44510 Le Pouliguen

Le BistroBaule

The chef of the restaurant Le BistroBaule is a lover of local products, which he likes to honor in the plates of his guests. He offers a semi-gastronomic cuisine, made mostly with seasonal products from the local area. His inspiration is traditional, so that the taste buds of his customers find forgotten flavors. He offers you a varied and copious cuisine to satisfy all appetites.

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Tel -02 40 61 09 22

Address - 15 Avenue Georges Clemenceau 44500 La Baule

The Saint Christopher

Since May 2017, it is the chef Antoine Malet who runs the kitchens. La Table du Saint-Christophe serves a refined cuisine, skilfully balanced between accurate taste, respect for the product and creativity in the harmonies of flavours, entirely homemade, using local and seasonal products. The menus change every week, and the menu evolves every month, according to the productions of the Presqu'île de Guérande and the local fishing.

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Tel - 02 40 62 40 00

Address - 1 Avenue Léon Dubas "Pointe du Bec" - 44380 PORNICHET


Barbarossa was born from the will to create a convivial place mixing local products while putting the accent on the mediterranean cooking.
In this approach we obtained the certification of the label ECOTABLE, label guaranteeing our local supply by trying to work on products resulting from biological agriculture in an approach of eco-responsibility.

Our beach restaurant Barbarossa is part of this framework.
Our cuisine is simple but with taste elaborated with love by our kitchen.

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Tel 09 83 57 06 12

On the beach in front of 12 Boulevard Darlu - 44500 La Baule

Crêperie La Sarrazine

Come and taste very good pancakes made with organic flour in our very pleasant crêperie located in the heart of La Baule. Just a step away from the central beach, and more precisely in the middle of the main street of the city of La Baule. On one of the tables of our terrace placed in the most commercial street or in our refined room filled with regulars and connoisseurs. With our menu in hand, you will have a wide choice of pancakes, from the most classic to the most original. We privilege in our pancake house the local producers, the short circuit and the "home-made" preparations.

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Tel - 02 40 60 72 01

Address -66 Avenue De Gaulle 44500 La Baule

The Old Carillon

Are you looking for a restaurant on the Guérande peninsula? See you at the Vieux Carillon! The restaurant, which specialises in wood-fired cooking and Savoyard dishes, welcomes you in a Savoyard chalet setting and a friendly atmosphere, to help you discover its delicious specialities. Don't hesitate to consult the menu of our grill restaurant to discover even more.

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Tel - 02 40 91 32 36

Address - 9012, Route de La Baule - 44350 Guérande

Le café des Ecailles

As its name indicates, this restaurant located on the sea boulevard, facing the sea at the entrance of Lajarrije Avenue, offers a nice menu of fish and seafood but also quality meat pieces for the amateurs or a good bouillabaisse, the chef's specialty.

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Tel -02 40 60 14 75

Address -35 Boulevard de l'Océan 44500 La Baule

The 14th

Le 14, which opened in 2007, has evolved thanks to the dynamism and passion of the entire restaurant team.

The quality of the service and the dishes concocted by the Chef have been rewarded every day by the satisfaction of our customers and recognized over the years by the gastronomic guides.

The team at 14 has been awarded a "Fourchette" and an "Assiette" by the Michelin guide. The chef and his team of enthusiasts are there to make you spend a pleasant moment.

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Tel - 02 40 60 09 21

Address - 14 Avenue Pavie 44500 La Baule


Mamina, cook me a memory,
Who hasn't kept in a corner of his memory the emotional memory of his mother's cooking.
Simple dishes, but so tasty that they have survived the passage of time without getting old, and others that have been rejuvenated to bring them up to date.
Traditional cuisine is evolving, recipes are becoming lighter and borrowing from abroad... Surrounded by objects from yesteryear, objects found over the years, we try to pass on our love of cooking and sharing in the original setting of a family home with a vintage decor.
Mamina, Affective Brasserie

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Tel - 02 40 88 07 13

Address - 20bis Avenue Pavie . 44500 La Baule

Louisa Pampa

Louisa Pampa is at the same time, a restaurant, a cocktail bar and a pastry shop where one comes to spend a pleasant moment with friends and family.
The vast space with its breathtaking decor is always animated and the large terrace is taken by storm in the beautiful days, Louisa Pampa is without a doubt "The place to be".

The house proposes a food offer composed of raw, fresh products and recipes from around the world.

For dessert, Marylou's pastries are a must with Le Baulois a chocolate fondant, elected "best chocolate fondant in France", or Le Nantais an almond and rum sponge cake.

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Tel - 02 40 66 99 44

Address - 132 Avenue des Ondines 44500 La Baule