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Mixed per pair 3 sessions: 90€ per person
Patton 3 sessions: 280€ per team (max 6 players)
Board a match 1 session: 120€ per team of max 4 players
Open per pair 4 sessions: 120€ per person

Package for the 11 sessions of the 4 events: 250 €.

In order to avoid queues on the first days of the competition, the festival invites players to pay their entry fee by bank transfer to the Festival account (see RIB) or by cheque to the order of the festival (FBLB) (*). A statement of your entries and payments will be sent to you.

When you arrive at the festival you can collect your ticket your ticket at the reception. This ticket must be visible at the table at the beginning of each tournament.

Players who have not paid their fees in full will be asked to do so on arrival at the reception desk.

Juniors: half price entry fee
Mixed: women's pairs are accepted

The Festival office reserves the right to refuse the registration of a player without having to justify the reason.

(*) For transfers as for cheques, do not forget to specify your name and the event for which you are registering.

For cheques; order: FBLB . Send to

Robert Clamart (festival treasurer)

35 les Bois de Bosseterre

44117 Saint André des eaux








  • Online registration - FFB affiliated players
    On the FFB website, connect to your licensee space.
    -> Competitions tab
    -> 2022-2023 season ->2300000 Anjou Committee
    -> Festival section
    -> 71st La Baule Bridge Festival Bridge Club De La Cote D'Amour
    Please note: this is for the 2022-2023 season

If you are not a member of the FFB, you will not be able to register directly on the FFB website. In this case, please fill in the registration form or call one of the following numbers or contact us by e-mail so that we can call you back.

  • By mail (only non-FFB members):
  • Information by phone / email:
    Annie Beaumier /
    Robert Clamart /

If you are looking for a partner, fill in the corresponding form