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73rd La Baule Festival

August 9 to 18, 2024

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Richard Mischler



First of all, I'd like to thank Dominique Beaumier for his six years at the helm of the festival. I've only been Festival President for six months, but together with the whole team, we've redoubled our efforts to make this 73rd Festival as unforgettable an event as you've come to expect.

We wanted this festival to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors, the Mixed, Patton and Open events, but we also wanted this festival, even more than in previous years, to be a celebration of bridge players of all levels.

To this end, we have created a new Open pairs event, the "Pays Blanc Tournament", which takes place over one session and is included in the Challenge d'Anjou, and we have renewed the Patton pairs event, reserved for minor 2nd, 3rd and 4th series.

As you can see, everyone can "rub shoulders" with their chosen opponent.

Continuity, too, in terms of prizes distributed (each participant will leave with a prize), thanks to the loyalty and renewal of our partners. Don't hesitate to visit them to do your shopping, and let them know you're part of this wonderful Bridge family.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank them, because without them this festival wouldn't exist.

And don't forget to join us for our delicious cocktails, to enjoy a friendly, relaxed musical atmosphere.

We look forward to seeing many of you there to continue making this festival a great summer bridge party.

Best regards
Richard Mischler
Festival President

Franck Louvrier


La Baule-Escoublac is particularly pleased to be hosting the 73rd edition of its International Bridge Festival, a not-to-be-missed event in the world of bridge.

This is no mean feat for our town, as this is the most widely played card game in the world.

Bridge historians say it probably appeared in its primitive form in Russia after 1850. It then began to spread to the shores of the Mediterranean, particularly Greece and Constantinople, and was exported by British diplomats to the West, before the game spread throughout the world.

Today, its worldwide success is undeniable. 1 million bridge players are members of national federations, and 100 million people around the world play the game or know its rules. France, with 85,000 members, ranks third in the world behind the United States and the Netherlands.

Bridge" lives up to its name: as a universal game, it acts as a "bridge" between nations and, first and foremost, between players, whether partners or opponents.

This special relationship between those who play the game is something we find every year in our seaside town at this International Festival.

For Dominique Baumier, too, "2024, Year of Olympism" is a special year: after years of hard work, which have contributed to its growth, and for which I thank him warmly, Dominique Baumier has decided to hand over the reins to Richard Mischler. In this Olympic year, I have no doubt that he will continue in the same vein.

May 2024 bring us a Bridge Festival even more exceptional than the others!


Franck Louvrier
Mayor of La Baule-Escoublac
Vice-President of the Pays de la Loire Regional Council

Christelle Morencais


The Pays de la Loire Region is delighted to support the 73rd edition of the Festival International de Bridge de La Baule.

The oldest festival in France and one of the most important in the country, it welcomes several hundred bridge enthusiasts from all over the world every year, contributing to our region's reputation and identity.

This is a demanding discipline, and the competition days will be an opportunity for passionate players to meet and exchange ideas. I can only wish them the best of luck, and I'm sure they'll have a wonderful stay in the Loire Valley.

I'd like to sincerely thank the organizers and volunteers who give all their energy to this wonderful event. This precious commitment contributes to the dynamism of our beautiful region.

Very nice festival to all!

Christelle Maurencais
Vice-President of the Pays de la Loire Regional Council

Jean Paul Noury


There is a BEFORE, and an AFTER to the Festival International de La Baule

Dominique Beaumier was in charge of the AVANT, and we salute his dynamism and the Festival's successes in terms of participation, organization and prizes.

There's an AFTER in the person of Richard Mischler, who we're sure will continue to carry the flame of success of this remarkable gathering of players happy to be in a legendary bay and gathered in conviviality.

Long live continuity and the joy of enjoying the delights of the Côte d'Amour together.

Jean Paul Noury
President of the Anjou Committee

Franck Riehm

 dear festival-goers

It's with great pleasure that I take up the pen again for the La Baule Festival. An essential date in the French festival calendar, La Baule is year after year a festival synonymous with good times, bridge and friendship.

La Baule is also home to a formidable team who, over the years, have overcome all the difficulties to continue offering you an event of the highest quality, whether in terms of playing conditions, prizes or player line-up.
Dominique Beaumier, who has worked hard for many years, has now handed over the reins to a new team. We would like to thank him for his dedication and tremendous energy!

La Baule is still a meeting place for all bridge players, an opportunity for everyone to compete in a spirit of conviviality and fair play.

So enjoy this edition, enjoy this wonderful environment and remember that playing here is a privilege.

I wish you all a wonderful festival!
Franck Riehm
President of the FFB

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